Please welcome our new owner, Lorna Underhill!

Lorna Underhill

Lorna Underhill

Hi everyone! My name is Lorna Underhill and I’m a Brit who relocated to New Hampshire. Why New Hampshire? For starters, I have family here and have been visiting for the past 14 years. During my visits I grew to love this part of the United States. Additionally, I purchased East Coast Styles! I think many of you in the New England area will love some of the “old” England ways of styling hair.

Prior to moving to the US, I owned and operated a salon in Portsmouth England which i still own. I have 30+ years experience styling hair and I am truly looking forward to bringing this experience and expertise, along with high-quality and friendly service, to my new clients here at East Coast Styles.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

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